• Jamaica Farewell2:22
  • A Lovers concerto2:15
  • Shenandoah3:03
  • Leavin on a Jet Plane3:21
  • Bye Buy Blackbird2:27

..."At the Gig"... 

Vocals with the Ukulele

  • Mrs Taylors Galliard1:50
  • Prelude to the English Suite2:03
  • Alman by Robert Johnson1:28

Vocals with backing tracks

​​Vocals with the Guitar.

  • Mariah3:28
  • Sway1:30
  • Stranger in Paradise2:42
  • Today3:35

  • Love is a many splendored thing2:40
  • I need you so2:43
  • And I love you so1:51

Classical Guitar Songs